What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!


Jean Fredeling, Designer

"Working with Daisi has been a great experience. Her sense of ascetics and photography skills are sharp. Her direction in fashion has help build our portfolio and develop our creative image. Her modeling is one of its kind and she brings expected results, nonetheless!"

Laurie Elyse Collection

Laurie Elyse, Designer

"Daisi P. Sepúlveda is our Spokesmodel and Brand Ambassador for Laurie Elyse Collection. Daisi is a physically stunning model with a resplendent personality. Her innovative contributions in marketing has enhanced her role as a model and ambassador for our company. She is very bright, efficient and friendly."

Elements of Style

E-Commerce, Marcel

“I’ve been working with Daisi for a few years now and her work is always wonderful. She consistently delivers fantastic looks that really help me market and sell my merchandise.”

Diamond Veneer

Diamond Veneer Family

"Daisi did an excellent job and showed her true professionalism in our television & internet ad campaign for Diamond Veneer - Why Buy Diamonds? The commercial spot was broadcast across the United States earlier this year as well as across the internet. Daisi's flawless performance and ability to connect to a wide spectrum of the audience proved to draw in a big audience response and massively increased sales for the popular simulated diamond brand. Diamond Veneer congratulates Daisi for a job well done and is proud to have worked with her on this broadcast TV commercial as well as several viral internet review videos and is looking forward to working with her again on future projects."

Dow Sun Studios

Team at Dow Sun Studios

“Daisi is an incredible model who really helped us capture the use-case and quality of our products. She helped us produce high quality, evergreen content that could be used across all of our sales channels, allowing us to focus more on marketing and less of content creation.”

HBCU Lifestyle

Team at HBCU Lifestyle

“Daisi really embodies the image of the HBCU lifestyle. It was really easy to work with her - ship her the product and get a finalized set of images back, ready to use, within a few days!"

Trendy Bartender

Peter, Founder of Trendy Bartender

“ We hired Daisi as our hand model for our bar accessory line and we were very happy with her interpretation of our products."

Lrsavage Clothing

Lawrence, CEO Lrsavage Clothing

"Working with Daisi was one of the greatest experiences that I have had the pleasure of being apart of in the fashion industry. Her level of experience and professionalism was exactly what I was in search of when I launched my clothing line 4 years ago."


Team at Hauteness

"Daisi was very efficient and Professional. Delivers were as expected."

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