What Happens after I book my Shoot?

Ship us your products and share your content inspiration with us. Not sure what images you need? Check out some of the work we've created for other brands.

Do I get to Choose my date/time for my shoot?

Our Production Schedulers organizes the days/times that work best for our studio. This ensures that we're able to deliver the best experience and results for your shoot. You will receive an email with the date and time for your shoot. If there is a schedule conflict, please let us know asap and we will do our best to get you rescheduled for a time that works better.

I'm outside the U.S.. Will MPM still shoot my products?

Yes, just ship us your product and place your order on our website!

I Shipped my product! How do I know when you receive it?

When you ship us your product, simply send us the tracking number and we'll follow your your packages journey to our studio! We'll let you know when when it's in our hands!

Can I edit or cancel my order?

Email info@myproductmodel.com to make any changes to your order. MPM does not provide refunds.

How do I add a Promo Code?

Enter the promo code on the checkout page where it says "promo code". You can apply one promo per order and cannot apply a promo to an existing order after checkout.

Rescheduling or Cancellations + Refunds

You may reschedule your shoot one time by emailing info@myproductmodel.com no later than 24 hours after your shoot has been scheduled. We’ll do our best to accommodate a better time. My Product Model does not provide refunds. We want to ensure you're happy with your shoot! If you are not happy with your content, please reach out at info@myproductmodel.com and we’ll work together to create content you love.

MPM received my product! How long until it's shot?

Our goal is to schedule your shoot within 5 business days after we receive you product. This timeline can vary based holidays and studio closers. Shoots with "Finishing Touches" require additional coordination which may extend the time to schedule your shoot. You will receive an email confirmation once we have you on the calendar.

What is the turn around time?

Your completed order will be delivered within 3-5 days after we've scheduled your shoot. Shoots with "Finishing Touches" in post-production may require an extended turn around time. You will receive an email confirmation once we have determined your content delivery time.

Can I Rush My Order?

Unfortunately, we do not offer "Rush Orders" at this time.

What editing is included in my order?

Every order (photo + video) includes standard editing to make your content ready to post. That includes beautify (brightening, color correcting, and cropping).

I need a quote. How does pricing work?

At My Product Model, our packages and pricing is scaled for the every changing, fast-paced digital environment. Each service is a flat rate for a pre-determined set of content. You may also choose to add "Finishing Touches" such as a model or styling. Finishing Touches is also a flat rate add-on.

Can I purchase more assets than what is included in my order?

Yes! Each additional photo is $49 and video clip $149.

Can I use my own model?

Yes! You are more than welcome to coordinate your own model for your shoot. Please keep in mind that your model must come to our shoot location at the shoot time we've indicated with our Production Scheduler. So, you'll need to coordinate with your model. Please let us know in the details of your booking that you will be suppling your own model.

How do I know if I need Add-On Photo Styling services?

Your My Product Model shoot includes (1) photographer. A Photo Stylist provides an extra pair of hands to assist with things like: - Multiple items in a single shot - Food or Ingredients - Clothing that needs to be steamed, styled, folded, pinned, etc. - Swatches or Cosmetic Textures - You want to recreate the style of a shot you saw somewhere else Once you book your shoot and we review your shot list and/or content goals. We'll determine if any shoots require the Photo Styling Add-On service to be executed successfully. ‍

‍Does MPM provide models?

Yes! MPM offers full body models, hand models, and pet models.

If I choose grocery shopping who does the shopping?

We want to provide a stress free content experience for you! We’ll send a form for you to fill out and make a shopping list for us. Need some inspo? Check out our previous work to see what’s possible at My Product Model! **Fresh ingredients are sourced at local grocery stores near our studio. Seasons can affect which fruits, vegetables, plants, or flowers are available.

Does Styling include props?

Photo Stylists have access to our studio props! If you have a specific prop you'd like us to use, it can be shipped to our studio. Book our grocery shopping services for any fresh ingredients you may need.

What if I don't like my model?

If you are not happy with your model, you can book with a different model for your next shoot! Please note that Add-On services are non-refundable.

What is the Usage Policy?

When you purchase My Product Model services, you purchase the license to use the photos and videos in perpetuity which means you can use the content anywhere for any amount of time! You can review our Terms here

How was MPM Started?

My Product Model was founded by Daisi Pollard Sepulveda after working as an e-commerce model and learning how how hard and expensive it is for new brands to create professional photo & video. Daisi quickly noticed that there was a market gap in original high-quality e-commerce content. She began searching for a way to productize modeling and photography services for digital brands.

How do I contact MPM?

We offer email and chat support. Email: info@myproductmodel.com. We try to respond to all emails within 24 hours. Chat: The little icon on the bottom right! We respond to all chats Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.

What is MPM? How do I get Started?

My Product Model provides high-quality, creative, modern, and inspiring content for e-commerce brands. Our services makes it possible for brands to create affordable content from anywhere with our simplified, inclusive product photography packages and ordering process. Our packages come with everything you need for a flat rate. You can get started by: 1. heading to Photos or Videos, 2. selecting the service, 3. add-ons, 4. and finishing touches you need for your shoot, 5. Ship us your product 6. Send us your shot list and inspiration board 7. Download your finished content

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