About Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda


I’m Daisi, Modelpreneur and of founder My Product Model. I started My Product Model because I believe great content should be accessible and affordable for every entrepreneur. I’ve spent my entire career in the fashion industry working as a professional model, beauty queen and creative.


In 2005, I was crowned Miss Jamaica International, which led me to compete on a larger scale as the first Jamaican candidate in history to compete in the Miss Earth 2005, Miss Asia Pacific 2005, and Miss Beauty Queen World 2005, and is the only known candidate to hold three different national titles throughout a single pageant career.

Throughout my pageant career, I've held the following titles:

  • Miss Jamaica International 2005
  • Miss Asia Pacific International Jamaica 2005
  • Miss Earth Jamaica 2005
  • Miss Beauty Queen World Jamaica 2005
  • Miss Beauty Queen World 2005
  • Miss Asia USA Israel 2005
  • Miss Asia USA Yemen 2006
  • Mrs. Jamaica 2011 and 
  • Mrs. Ethnic World International 2012
I have appeared on numerous international runways, ad campaigns, films, television and web series. My resume includes appearances on networks such as Lifetime and Bravo. My film work includes indie films - King of the Streets, Box of Shadows, and ABC's of Superheroes.
I'm also a spokesperson and ambassador for a number of charities!
  1. My entrepreneurial journey began selling homemade colored lipgloss during a high school science fair.
  2. I read Sapiens and Homo Deus in one weekend. 🤓​ 🤓​ 🤓​
  3. When I was six years old I got hit by a car (’86 Pontiac Grand Prix) and then got up and started running because I was scared. Luckily, I didn’t break any bones.
  4. If I could pick one superpower, it would be to live forever. I really love living as a human woman. 
  5. I talk a lot. I once timed myself to see how many topics per hour I can cover without breaking. 🤐​
  6. I was born with an eye deformity called an upper eyelid coloboma.
  7. I laugh at my own jokes. 🤣​🤣​🤣​🤣🤣🤣​🤣​
  8. Most earbud headphones are too big for my ears. Seriously, my ears look like stopped growing when I was 4! 
  9. I will uninvitedly organize someone else's house! #dontjudgeme
  10. I throw Shuriken and Kama’s (Japanese rice cutting tools) ​Here's a video ⬇️​⬇️​⬇️​

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